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Find your castle. 

Discovering what makes you stand out while working to capitalize on your uniqueness will be the key to your success.


OwnRoot's client base has varied in size from 100 cases to 30,000 cases. 

With a focus on boutique family owned brands, each client presents a unique set of circumstances and challenges. 

Upon identifying a clients needs, a proposal outlining the scope of the project is customized to each brand.



Terra Jane has been entrenched in the wine industry since 2002.  

From restaurant purchasing, to distribution, to supplier, Terra has worked in all facets of the wine industry, acquiring a unique sense of the industry at large. She is a critical thinker who does not assume that things need to be done a certain way, just because they were before.


She is a listener and believer who works fearlessly to integrate traditional growth tactics with new and innovative business strategies. 


Terra Jane Albee


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